MasterGrass Miramar 38mm – Sample

MasterGrass Miramar 38 is a strong and robust artificial grass product that will retain its good looks for many years. This grass has a dense, close structure and a short grass fibre, which means it always looks good in all weather conditions. Thanks to the short fibre structure, you also do not sink into it too deeply. Ideal for games and entertainment.

Check and double check before ordering…ALL artificial grass orders are cut to size.  NO refunds or cancellations will be allowed once goods have been cut.


Pile Height 38mm

  • Colourfast Grass
  • Easy to Install
  • UV Resistant
  • Water Resistant


What is Miramar 38 artificial grass?

MasterGrass Miramar 38 artificial grass is perfect for homes and family gardens. It combines a mixture of light, dark green and brown thatch fibres for a truly authentic look and feel. Highly durable, fantastic value for money and incredibly versatile, our Miramar 38 artificial grass will provide an immaculate lawn throughout the year.

Unlike real grass Miramar 38 artificial grass is incredibly easy to maintain, helping to save you time and money in the long run, other benefits include:

  • It’s versatile
  • There’s less mess
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • It’s highly durable
  • Retains its colour all year round

Where can our Miramar 38 artificial grass be installed?

Due to its short fibre structure Miramar 38 artificial grass is perfect for many applications including:

  • Exhibitions and Events
  • Home gardens
  • Offices and Indoors
  • Schools and Playgrounds
  • Sports fields

DID YOU KNOW: Due to its versatility Miramar artificial grass can be installed to concrete and other similar surfaces.

What Accessories will I need?

When installing your Miramar 38 artificial grass you’ll need to purchase a number of essential accessories including:

  • Weed Membrane – Use a high quality Weed Membrane under your Tuscany artificial grass to prevent weeds and other growth damaging your artificial grass.
  • Jointing Tape – achieve a high quality, natural looking finish with Jointing Tape.
  • Adhesive – easy to apply it’s designed to provide minimum seam visibility

How do I maintain my Miramar 38 artificial grass?

After installing Miramar 38 artificial grass in your garden, office or outdoor space follow these simple maintenance tips to keep it looking good:

  • Brush your artificial grass regularly
  • Remove fallen leaves and other debris
  • Unblock all drains
  • Remove stains and marks with water and soap
  • Clear snow and ice during winter months

*ALL artificial grass orders are cut to size so NO refunds &/or cancellations will be allowed once goods have been cut.