Best Places To Place Your Table Top Clock


A Timeless Piece To Carve Your Future

When you decide to add a personal touch to your space, adding timepieces to the inspiration is a bright idea, especially table top clocks that come in varying designs. Timepieces are not only essentials in your space, they make an impressive statement.

Far beyond the ordinary timepieces, you see every day, table top clocks are only what you make of it. They are not only functional timepieces that should top the list of your essential furnishing needs, but they also add aesthetic value to your home as the elevate any table or surface from ordinary to beguiling. Whether retro, modern or classic, your table top clock speaks volumes of your sense of style and decor. With countless designs and styles, you can choose from older wooden finishes to embellish a bohemian or victorian-style home design or metallic finish for a more modern and sophisticated look. View the range here.

Whatever choice your space inspires, you can be sure that Belgrave Home and Floors have a vast catalogue of table top clocks to give your space a beguiling appeal.

It’s one thing to love the cute and appealing looks of a table top clock, but deciding on where to place them can be a decision of the century!  Before deciding where to place your table top clock here are a couple of things to look into:

  1. Evaluate the style and function of your timepiece: consider the shape and style of your table top clock, is it retro, modern, or classic, is it slender, round, or large? Does it fit with decor? How does it resonate with your personality?
  2. Determine the space it fits: there are various surfaces in your home, each room has a different feel. There are some empty spaces in your home that could use an uplift with a statement-making table top clock.

Best Places To Place Your Table Top Clock

A modern table top clock would probably be best for your kitchen to match all the modern kitchen equipment you’ve recently upgraded. On the other hand, if your bedroom is Victorian then a classic or retro piece would fit best.

Kitchen: need to make breakfast in bed for your spouse before she wakes up? You’ve still got more time! Most families tend to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, from making breakfast, lunch or dinner, taking a quick nibble before heading out to work or getting the kids ready to school, the kitchen is one of the most important places off keep track of time.

Living room: while a big timepiece makes a statement for your living room, table top clocks give your living room a more intimate appeal, especially if it’s a small space. A statement table top clock gives a cozy feel that blends with your space. If your goal is a simple and minimalistic space, then table top clocks are without a doubt an impressive choice.

Bedroom: vintage and retro table top clocks are ideal for your bedroom. What better way to wake up from your snooze than a table top clock that’s right beside you. You could also go for a modern yet chic timepiece that seals the eye-catching view in your room.